Thermokay's Features

How To Navigate Our App

Home Page

The Home Page allows users to enter their temperature by scanning their digital thermometer. Once you enter your temperature, it goes straight to your profile where you can share your temperature with whom you choose.


Group Page

The Group Page allows users to share their temperature with friends and family. You can create a group by clicking on the + icon and it will let you add a group name and allows up to ten users per group.


Profile Page

The Profile Page allows users to share their temperature with other people by a designated QR code. On the Group Page you are allowed to click on profiles, where it will show the user's temperature.


Thermokay Scanning

Scan your Friends and Family

+ Add Your Temperature

Adding your temperature is simple. Go to your home page and press "Add Your Temperature." From there a scanning screen will appear for the user to scan their temperature into your profile. Take your thermometers three digits that represent your temperature and place the scanner above it, automatically our text recognition scanner will identify the numbers and add them to your profile. If we couldn't identify your temperature or it was incorrect, you can change your temperature manually.


Find Friends

Thermokay provides every user with their own personal QR code which holds their temperature each day. You can scan other users temperature by clicking "Find Friends." From their a scanning screen will appear for the user to scan others QR code. Once scanned, the users profile will appear with their own temperature that they inputed each day.

Located on your profile page, you can share your temperature with friends and family via iMessage, instagram, Facebook, ect. To access this feature click on "Share with Friends/Family" button and your choices will appear. 


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